King Palm Slim Bulk Pouch w/ Boveda

King Palm Slim Bulk Pouch w/ Boveda


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  • 25 Slim Hand-Rolled Leaves In Each pack
  • 8 Count per Display
  • 1.5 Grams Per Roll
  • Includes Packing Stick
  • 72% Boveda Packet for Humidity Control

King Palm Slim Bulk Pouch w/ Boveda

King Palm Slim Bulk Pouch with Boveda packs is the ideal leaf wrap. You can fill it up to 1.5 grams per roll and each pack comes with a 72% Boveda packet.

You will be happy to smoke these whole slim bulk pouch leaf rolls and know that these contain no tobacco, nicotine, chemicals, preservatives, or toxins. Each roll comes with a natural corn husk filter which helps the dry herb not fall out. You can also bit or squeeze the filter for a smoother, cool smoke.

When you want to fill up your King Palm Slim Bulk rolls, simply use the wooden stick that’s provided in each pack. Each King Palm is hand-rolled with Cordia leaves which helps it become super slow-burning.

Each pack of these King Palm Slim Bulk Pouch comes with 8 total pouches with 25 pre-rolls in each pouch. This gives it a total of 200 pre-rolls.


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