Wuukah Nano Vaporizer

Wuukah Nano Vaporizer



  • Size: 28*32*130 mm
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Variable Voltage: 2.8v – 3.0v – 3.5v – 3.7v – 4.0v
  • Changing port: Micro USB Charging
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hour
  • Resistance: 0.8Ω (Quartz Coil)
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The Wuukah nano vaporizer is a three-piece portable vaporizer. The Wuukah has a section for the battery that includes an internal cell with a 1200mAh capacity and precise temperature control. The second part is the glass bubbler, which connects to the bottom and cleans the vapor as it’s made. So, the third part is the coil. You can vape waxes or even e-juices in one of the three cups that come with the kit. Thus, this design isn’t that different from other portable e-rigs.

There is one thing about the device that makes it different from others. The control panel is made up of three buttons on the side of the base. On the top of the base, there is an LED control panel that shows the temperature settings, puff counter, and heat-up time. Thus, with the two buttons, users can change the settings and see the changes at the top.

Hence,  the rest of the base has an extension for the coil that fits one of the three cups that come with the kit. The cups are easy to switch between because the user just has to lift them out of the container. On the bottom, there is a USB port that lets the USB-C charging cable that comes with the kit work.

Accessories of Wuukah nano premium vaporizers

The Wuukah premium nano vaporizer comes with everything you need because it has many features and functions. Therefore, it comes in an elegant lift-open box with cutouts for all the important parts, such as the bubbler. Here is what users can expect when they get the device.

  • Wuukah Vaporizer Electronic Rig
  • Glass Attachment
  • Ceramic Cup
  • Quartz Cup
  • Titanium Cup
  • Tool for loading and Cap
  • USB Cable for Charging
  • Silicone Container
  • Cotton Swabs

How to use Wuukah nano vaporizers properly?

The Wuukah nano vaporizer latest model is simple and easy to assemble. First, the battery needs to be charged. After it has been charged, the battery can be turned on by quickly pressing the “Go” button on the front five times. The LED control panel will then light up, allowing users to choose their preferred temperature, with 520 being the highest.

If they want to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit, they can press and hold the two adjustment buttons. Users should put one of the three cups (titanium, quartz, or ceramic) in the cup holder before starting the heating process. Thus, the cups have to be pressed into the right place.

Once the cup is full, the user can fill the bubbler with water. So, the water level should stay below the clear mark on the glass section. Then, they can carefully press the glass piece onto the main part and slide the glass over the atomizer coil. Additionally, the user can choose the temperature they want and press the “Go” button three times to start the heating-up process. When the green light on the LED panel comes on, the device is ready to use.


  •  Overheat protection: When the device run out of the content, it will stop working and keep flashing 3 seconds.
  • When the device is continuously used for more than 12 seconds, lights will flash 8 times and stop working.
  •  Short circuit protection: All lights will flash 3 times to indicate short circuit and will automatically shut off.
  • Low voltage protection: All lights will flash 5 times to indicate low voltage. The device will automatically stop working for protection.
  •  Overcharge protection: When the device is full charged, it will automatically stop charging.

Why should you buy a Wuukah nano vaporizer? 

The Wuukah nano vaporizer is a simple device for e-liquids and concentrates. The precision control temperature feature lets users vape at any temperature they want. Furthermore, the kit comes with three cups, and each one gives you a different vaping experience, from smooth, flavorful hits to strong cheek-puffing hits. Hence, this device can be bought from the official site and from other online stores that sell alternative vaporizers. Buy this premium vape tool and enjoy the best smoke slash. 


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