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Formula 710 Instant Cleaner

What is formula 710 cleaner?

Do you find it hard to clean your smoke pipes and get rid of the stains? If yes, follow this article because you’ll find the instant remedy for your prolonged problem here. So, guys, I’m talking about the formula 710 instant cleaner that is surely the best smoke pipe cleaners for the great hit.

The surprising and great thing about this cleaner is that it is used for glass, metal and quartz, etc. It makes your glass shine immediately with instant abrasive technology. So let’s dive into the details of this amazing magical cleaner that makes your life and smoking experience remarkable.

Formula 710 Products Features

Name of product Formula 710
Item form Instant
Surface suggested Glass, metal, and quartz
Item volume 350 ml
Unit count 12 Fl Oz
Technology used Instant abrasive action
Weight 1.04 lbs

 What benefits does formula 710 cleaner provide?

These are some of the top listed benefits that this excellent cleaner provides to their customers:

  •         No more soaking

Now you must be anxious about its results and how well it works without soaking, right? So, guys, I’m here to provide you a complete guide about this instant cleaner. So our formula 710 cleaner is designed such that now you don’t have to soak your glass pipes for long to facilitate the cleaning process because our cleaner has enough capacity to fight against the stains alone.

  •         It eliminates the need for scrubbing.

Our formula cleaner has removed the need for scrubbing because this incredible cleaning agent has been made up of abrasive action technology. And thus, this technology doesn’t need any further scrubbing process and does this task in just a few seconds.

  •         Complete cleaning in just one minute

So, dear customers here are the good news for you all. There is no other waiting to clean the glass from all over the corners because formula 710 cleaner has arrived to save your time, money, and effort. Thus pour it, shake it, rinse it, and you’re all done.

  •         Eco-friendly and biodegradable

This cleaner has no toxic effect and is biodegradable. It means that our formula 710 instant cleaner is made up of natural material that would have no harm to human health or the environment.

  •         Work on abrasive action technology

Abrasive action technology is mainly based on the scrubbing and rubbing action. It means that no more abrasion with the net or brushes to clean the pipes. Formula 710 works on abrasive technology and itself works as the cleaning brush that shows up its magic in just 1 minute.

  •         It comes in various sizes.

The bottle that our company has developed for the formula 710 cleaner is user-friendly that has easy to open lid, and it comes up in 3 sizes. It comes in a small one, middle side, and large jumbo sizes keeping in mind their customers’ suitability, comfortability, and affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-      Is it safe to use formula 710 on silicon?

Yes, of course, formula 710 cleaner is 100% safe to use and has no side effects. It thoroughly cleans the silicon without damaging it. So you can use it without any safety concerns as it is hazard-free.

2-      Can I use the instant formula 710 cleaner on bongs?

Unfortunately, you can use our 420 formula products for this purpose, but the 710 is used for the wax rigs. But both the cleaners work very well, so I would recommend them both!

3-      How to use the formula 710 product for instant cleaning?

Follow the steps below to clean your smoke glass properly:

  •   Firstly rinse your glass with distilled water
  •     Now pour some quantity of formula liquid all over the corners
  •     Now shake it well
  •    Pull out the lid and again shake it well
  •   Now rinse it with warm water
  •   Thoroughly take out the whole liquid by rinsing
  •   Now let it dry and enjoy

Formula 710 instant cleaners will surely impress you with their working, outstanding results, and the accessories that our company provides with the liquid to facilitate the cleaning process. Three pc cleaning set is provided to cover the cleaning openings, and an X-L cover is also available for wide openings.

The revolutionary cleaning caps will stretch to cover all the universal range openings. To enhance your cleaning experience never lived before with our famous brand accessories. Thus, if you’re satisfied with the product and are ready to use it, shop it now from the online store. You’ll enjoy and cherish desirable flavours like never before.

If you have any queries, you’re free to ask; follow just, and we’re a click away. Remember to give your kind feedback as well.