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What is Wulf Mod Vaporizer?

Wulf mod is the company that launched its vaporizer many years ago. Since then, they have never turned their backs and kept going with their products. I am writing this article to convince you to buy a Wulf mod vaporizer. So, there are many reasons behind this recommendation. Thus, we’re here to discuss them in detail. Hence, let’s just get started.

So, first of all, let me tell you about the temperature settings of the vaporizers that are variable. Additionally, these vaporizers offer various temperature settings. The Wulf mod vaporizers are easy to use and are available at budget-friendly prices. Thus, have a look at the further characteristics that make them exceptional for use.

Wulf Mod-Top Vaporizers

The Wulf mod vaporizers have launched three products till now. They are best regarding their respective characteristics and features. So, let’s just dig into their details and specifications:

  •         Wulf micro plus cartridge vaporizer
  •         Wulf vape SX vaporizer
  •         Wulf duo 2 portable vaporizer

Wulf Micro Plus Vaporizer

The Wulf micro plus vaporizers are versatile in their performance. Additionally, these vaporizers are available in various temperature or voltage settings. They have a voltage of about 3.4, 3.7, 2.8, and 4.2 respectively. So, another great characteristic of these vaporizers is that they are attached to the magnet.

Thus, the purpose of this magnet is to keep the cartridge in its fixed position. Another great thing about these vaporizers is that they are easy to use and clean. So, you must know the temperature settings. Therefore, there is the fire button that keeps the variable voltage in its place.

The Wulf vaporizers have a vicious cycle that keeps on going from one place to another. This cycle is usually used to keep the voltage constant according to the respective desirable vape. So, last but not the least, Wulf vaporizers are compatible with the cartridges with a measurement of about 14mm.

What we liked

  •         500mAh battery
  •         Zinc material
  •         Preheat features
  •         USB wire
  •         Fire switch button
  •         Variable voltage and preheat settings

Wulf Duo 2 Portable Vaporizer

This vaporizer is known as the two-in-one vaporizer. The great thing about this characteristic is that it can perform dual functions. So, they are compatible with liquids and waxes. Thus, thanks to the inclusion of coil and cart.

There is a long cart glass that is compatible with oils. Thus, the quartz atomizer is used for the wax vapes. In addition to this, there is a powerful magnet that holds the battery intact. The cartridge is easy to put on and take out.

Wulf duo 2 portable vaporizer has a variable voltage that is available for providing the voltage of about 3.4-4.0 volts. You’ll also get to enjoy various color schemes here. So, choose the one that you like with your favorite design and enjoy the day.

What we liked

  •         Long-lasting battery
  •         Preheat temperature settings
  •         Variable voltage
  •         Variety of colors available
  •         Powerful magnetic connection

Wulf Vape SX vaporizer

It is a 3rd generation vaporizer that is specified for the dry herb vapes. The Wulf vape SX vaporizer is specially designed for stimulating enhanced vapes. The powerful sesh with ultimate smoke flavor makes it more delicious with this vaporizer. Additionally, it is very easy and feasible to use.

Another great thing about these vaporizers is that they are compact. Thus, due to compactness, they are easy to take anywhere. So, these vaporizers allow very straightforward functioning. Do you have concerns about the preheat setting? If yes, then, Wulf vapes are perfect in this regard.

You’ll never find anything problematic here because they contain the degree setting that can never be wrong. So, you’ll get a smooth burn even with the high temperature. The last thing about Wulf SX vaporizers is that they are easily rechargeable within 2 hours only.

What we liked

  •         Best dimensions
  •         variable heating temperature 
  •         USB cable for charging 
  •         Smooth burn with powerful vapes

Instructions to use Wulf Vape Mod vaporizer

The use of the vaporizer is very easy. So, first of all, charge the battery for about one hour. Now charge the full battery to enjoy long lasting hits. When the battery is on charge then, the LED light will show some color. Thus, after getting fully charged the LED light will show the green screen. 

Now, there is the point that comes when you need to pull the cart. You’ll load the cart by twisting the mouthpiece. So, pour the liquid into the juice and again attach the cartridge. Thus, after this click the button five times and adjust your temperature setting. In this way, your vaporizer is ready for vaping.

Summary of Wulf Mod Vaporizer

So, that’s all about how to buy Wulf mod vaporizer and its attributes. The Wulf mod has various advantages and contributes a lot in providing powerful smoke vapors. There are many vaporizers available in the Wulf scheme that’s the ability to provide dual vapes.

That’s the reason; these vaporizers are very famous among all other brands. These vaporizers are easy to use and assemble. Additionally, they have a long-lasting battery with a rechargeable unit. So, what else do you wish for?

The Wulf vaporizers are available with a discount on smoke ash. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your favorite vaporizer at a great discount.