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What is Gas Mask Water Pipe?

The gas mask is designed to make sure that no smokes get escape while dabbing. Thus with this incredible product, you get the complete hit with zero percent waste. The gas mask water pipe comes with an acrylic water pipe that perfectly fits into the gas mask. Glass accessories don’t come up with this product.

Mask contains the adjustable down-stem and thus can remove the bowl by screwing it off. Colors may fluctuate and will be preferred in an unsystematic manner. Different colors are available for the mask, and you can choose your preferred one. Water pipes styles also vary depending on the availability.

What are the advantages of gas masks?

After discussing some brief detail about the gas mask water pipe, we’ll be glad to tell you the reasons behind its success. So, let’s have a look at the benefits that you get after using this mask.

Save your money

You must be curious about that how can I save money by using this gas mask, right? But you have heard it exactly right! As the standard smoking device is used to take a rip and exhale, but if you’ve noticed something carefully, then you’ll surely get to know that after the release, some amount of smoke remains behind.

Yes, you got my point right; that smoke gets wasted! Thus here, the gas mask bong shows its magic. It traps all the smoke in the mask bong and allows you to get maximum smoke per hit. Hence using a gas mask can save your time and money by providing a more significant amount of cannabis at every blow.

Hit plus a shotgun

The interesting fact that I would like to mention about this gas mask is that it traps all the smoke in the different pockets. Thus these multiple pockets in which the smoke is trapped provide you the maximum amount of cannabis per hit when you inhale; otherwise, it would have to get wasted. So if you’re feeling strong, then make the valves closed, and then the smoke can be recycled, and you can retake it back to back.

Enhance the THC Transfer Rate

We might be the first one to announce this advantage about the gas mask bong here. THC rate is the amount of % that transfers from the flower to the user.  Usually, 60-80% gets entirely burned in the cannabis and wasted due to the “split-stream” smoke. Hence these masks are specially designed to prevent the loss of this smoke.

Brings adventure to your life

So, in short, gas mask water pipes save our money, time, effort, or smoke and bring something exciting into life. Like we can enjoy the exhaled recycle smoke and what else we wish for? None of our smoke gets into waste, and it’s relieving to get the maximum hit on each vape. Hence trust it and get it now!

How to use the gas mask pipe?

So guys, if you’re confused about how to use it, then follow the instructions below, and you’ll go right by then:

The first step is to make sure the proper amount of water is in the bong chamber of your mask. Now tilt your mask to the down stem that it should still get submerged. Thus now take a simple test by putting on the mask and inhale without smoke. But the water chambers should fit in. 

The second step will be about grinding the type of smoke you want to use. Now put it in the bowl, and you’ll see the bubbles that will pop and begin to filter the resin.

Get the amount of smoke that you would like to inhale and then take it in sincerely. This can be a bit tricky but not difficult. If your gas mask has holes, then smoke will ultimately leave the show. But if it doesn’t have, then you can take it out by exhaling.

While inhaling, you should keep your eyes close and only breathe with the nose. This will help to prevent any discomfort that you may encounter.

Some tips about gas mask bong

o   It would help if you did not light the bowl as there might be some smoke trap inside.

o   Breathe with the nose and mount but remain your eyes shut for preventing any discomfort

o   Focus and brace yourself vital for powerful hits


In short, the gas mask water pipe is the type of innovation in the field of smoke that has left all other accessories behind. This gas mask is so much help, and the reasons behind its endless fame are enormous. So I hope that after this review you must have satisfied about it’s sued. Thus let’s give it a try and don’t forget to inform us about your first experience. Hence shop it now and enjoy the unlimited adventure!