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Glass water pipes history

So, many industries are manufacturing glass pipes. Glass pipes were first introduced in the 18th century. So in the late 19th century, these glass pipes gained some popularity. Their duration and popularity got affected due to the hippy-glass movement.
These glass bongs are great in design, style, and price. Thus after some time it was used for smoke bongs by most of the smokers. Hence by that time their popularity never faded. Therefore, till now they’re ruling the smoke industry due to their brilliant performance, epic designs, and affordable price.

Category of glass water pipes

Thus, there are many types of glass water pipes that are available in the market according to the size, shape, and design. Therefore there is a huge range of diversity from which smokers can choose their favorite one. So, have a look at some of its types, as there are hundreds of types which all would be difficult to describe here:

1- Bubbler water pipes

Bubbler pipes are the hybrid. Hybrid means it contains the characteristics of two. Thus these weed water pipes are horizontal in shape as well as are portable. Just like the other bongs it also contains a bowl for concentrates.
So it consists of the water chamber for filtration and thus cools down the vapors/smoke. Hence you should be very mindful while using it because it can pull up the water. It is one of the good types of glass water pipes.

2- Scientific water pipes

So as the name indicates that these water pipes are specially synthesized in the laboratory. The material is very expensive borosilicate glass. The most prominent feature of this bong is that it has powerful heat resistance properties.
Thus these glass smoke pipes are available in different designs like straight or difficult. Therefore these glass pipes consist of the mouthpiece, unique percolators, and ash bowl. So it is one of the good options to opt for.

3- Percolator Bong

So here is another great type of glass bong that consists of a filter hanging upon a water chamber. This design is perfect for creating bubbles to produce cooler smoke vapors. Hence these mini bubbles filter the toxic elements and provide a cool smoke experience.

4- Mini smoke water pipes

So guys if you’re looking for tiny pipes in the minimum price range, then mini glass pipes are the best one in this regard. These water pipes are 6″ in length and are available at the rate of about 59$ only. Thus these mini bongs operate on a carb system. But the glass is thin and is easy to break.

Who can use the glass water pipes?

The glass water pipes are basically for the chain weed addicts. These glass water bongs are more expensive than other smoking tools. So, most users are privileged to afford these expensive glass bongs with unique designs. Thus if you want to enjoy great quality smoother hits then buy these glass pipes.
What are the factors you should notice while choosing a glass bong?
These are some of the parameters that you should keep in mind while buying a glass pipe:
Clean glass bong
So first of all we all know that even the clean glass bong needs maintenance. Thus choose the bong that is clear like crystal. You should critically check whether it is shiny or has got some stains?
Free of defects
Most smokers don’t pay attention to any wear and tear. Thus while buying deeply check if the glass smoke pipe you’re buying is perfect or not. Don’t ever bring wrecked bongs to your home; this can cause damage to you.

How to use the glass water pipes for a smoke?

So if you’re a beginner and don’t know the proper use of these glass bongs then, don’t worry and follow the steps below:
• Thus the best way to smoke is firstly packed your favourite herb in a bowl properly
• Now place your mouth on the top open hole of the tube
• Try to seal the opening
• Now lid up the carb with your thumb
• So now burn the edge of the bowl slightly
• Thus after this, inhale slowly
• Inhale until the bubble start popping so the tube gets filled with smoke
• Now put your thumb up and inhale the vapors as much as you can and enjoy!

Final thoughts

So, on the whole, the glass water pipes have been used by smokers for many years. These pipes are preferable for all types of herbs and smoke. They are easy to clean and maintain.
Now, most smokers have become addicted to inhaling through these glass bongs. Their versatile performance and beautiful designs have lagged all the other types of bongs behind. So try them out and give us your kind review.