Lookah Seahorse Pro Glass Accessories
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Lookah Seahorse Pro Glass Accessories



Replacement glass mouthpiece for the Lookah Seahorse Pro vape pen.

Please choose from Packs of 2 or Packs of 5.

These glass tubes are mouthpiece replacements for use with the Lookah Seahorse Pro only.

If you accidentally break or damage the glass mouthpiece on your Seahorse Pro and you want to buy the glass replacements by themselves, then these accessories are what you need.

These mouthpieces are made from glass, so they are easy to clean and maintain with isopropyl alcohol and a tissue, cloth, or q-tip.

Glass is non-porous and, as such, has no odor, so any aroma is not altered. Materials such as wood or metal provide an additional flavor that some people do not enjoy. That’s why we use glass with the seahorse pro, as it preserves the taste.

Each mouthpiece has external dimensions of approximately 78mm by 16mm and an internal diameter of around 7mm on the narrow (mouthpiece) end to 12mm on the wide (vape) end.

Select Pack of 2 or Pack of 5 from the product options.

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What are the lookah seahorse pro glass accessories?

The lookah seahorse pro glass accessories are the tools that contain everything that you need. This tool kit facilitates cooler dabs and hence is good for an incredible vape experience.
So are you ready to enhance your dabbing? If yes, then thanks to the accessory kit that helps you in getting your desirable hits.No matter if you like to enjoy more flavors or more vapors, this lookah seahorse accessories kit will help you out.
It comes with the seahorse pro, adapter, connection hose, two glass tubes, and a battery along with the charger. So what else can you wish for? This is so amazing the tool kit is free with the seahorse pro set.

How can you get additional filtration to enjoy cooler vapes with lookah accessories?

So lookah seahorse accessories provide extra filtration. This statement is true for the seahorse pro only. Thus you must be wondering how it can become possible, right? The tools that are present with this pro version are:
• Seahorse pro
• Adapter
• Battery
• Charger
• Cleaning brush
• USB cable
• Connection hose
• Extra Tips
The adapters are attached to the connection hose. Additionally, the connection hose provides a link with the bong/water pipe. Thus the water circulates in the bong that cools the vapors when they pass through it.
Another interesting feature of these lookah seahorse glass accessories is that the tip slides over. Thus if you need some extra pieces then the whole kit consists of two extra glass tubes. Thus feast your mouth with the cooler vapors and enjoy the sesh.

How to use the pro glass accessories with the lookah seahorse pro?

The glass accessories usually come along the lookah seahorse pro. Thus to facilitate dabbing the accessories are included in the pack. So if you don’t know about the user then no worries the manufacturers have provided the instructional manual.
The adapter tips are usually attached to the coils. Usually, the coils are quartz or ceramic according to your choice. There is a connection hose that attaches the bong to provide additional filtration. So inhale the cooler vapors and enjoy!

Are the lookah seahorse pro glass accessories worth buying?

You’ll be surprised to know that you don’t need to buy this tool kit separately. Thus you just have to buy the lookah seahorse pro then the accessory kit is free with it. It means that this tool kit is an additional facility with seahorse pro.
This means that it is worth the price and has a lot of advantages. The extra tools or glass tubes that they provide usually become more beneficial in some situations. Hence be ready to dab oily vapes and enjoy the perks!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this lookah seahorse accessory kit having any charger?

Yes for sure this lookah seahorse accessories kit includes a 650mAh battery. The battery is rechargeable and hence comes up with the USB cable. So you can enjoy a long session without being worried about the charging.

How to use this lookah seahorse glass accessories kit?

The usage is simple but still if you’re not getting it then don’t worry at all. So the lookah manufacturers provide the guiding manual to use this glass accessories kit. Thus still if you don’t find it’s proper use then contact for further details.

The bottom line

So peeps! This was the whole review about lookah seahorse pro glass accessories. I hope that this will be very beneficial for you. You can use this tool kit as you want. There is no exception or compulsion on its usage.
The user interface is very simple hence you can easily understand the work. The glass tubes present in the kit are the most advantageous among all. These tubes can be used as a substitute for the mouthpiece.
Thus try this pro version with the accessories and do let us know about your experience with it. Give your kind review in the comment section.
Thank you!


4 reviews for Lookah Seahorse Pro Glass Accessories

  1. GARY McLAUGHLIN (verified owner)

    That product was just what I ordered.

  2. Alisa Schultz

    I love my Lookah Seahorse. I just wish more places close to me carried the parts for it, finding the coils is easy, the glass tube, not so much.

  3. Vincent DAmico

    Love the product, it’s great and convenient to carry around. Wasn’t too happy about not receiving shipping/tracking info, so had to inquire about it. Other than that, I’m pleased with the product.

  4. Travis Davison

    Great product but shipping is not the greatest. The cost of shipping should not be almost as much as the item you buying.

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