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What do you know about herb grinders?

Now the days have gone when people used to break the buds with scissors and grind them with some stone. So no matter what level you’re at, you should have a good quality herb grinder in your smoke accessory kit. Thanks to the famous companies who usually offer professional level grinders that cope with the most problematic strains.

So most smoke lovers use the dry herb and grind them to use in bowls or wraps. Herb grinding can be done in various methods. Thus herb grinders have now eased this task for you. Hence, with these grinders, you can get your dry herb powder in just a few seconds. So just put the herbs in a grinder, and there you go!

Types of Herb Grinders 

These grinders are readily available in the market and are available at every shop. But do remember that you should know the characteristics that a good grinder should have. So let’s dig into its details:

Teeth of herb grinder (Straight metal teeth and diamond teeth)

First of all, you should decide for yourself what type of grinder you want? How coarse or things do you want to make your herbs? So if you wish to use the same system grounded herb particles, you should buy the herb grinder with straight metal teeth.

But if you want your herb particles in an excellent powdered form, then you should look upon diamond-shaped teeth. Thus go for the one which is more suitable for you.

Size of grinders 

This is another essential factor that you should look upon while buying a good herb grinder. You should always consider the size of the grinder that you’re going to buy. 

Does it depend on what herbs you grind, and is it for home use or somewhere else? The more prominent and the heavier grinders are usually not the people’s preference. So the grinders with small and compact sizes are suitable for every purpose.

Herb Grinders Material

Herb grinders are available in plastic, metal, glass, wooden, and aluminum materials. Let’s discuss them briefly:

1- Metal Grinders

Aluminum is a commonly used and preferable material for metal herb grinders. It is because of its unremarkable properties like:

  •         Easy to maintain
  •         Highly portable
  •         Durable in performance

However, some grinders are made of titanium but that’s not suitable for many reasons. Metal grinders provide finely powdered herbs for epic smoke sessions.

2- Electrical Herb Grinders

So it is said that electrical grinders need some extra initiative. As the name indicates, electric weed grinders operate on electricity.

Thus these grinders provided strong vape powder, unlike the manual grinders. Hence no more twist and twitch with the lid, put your herb, turn on the button and there your vape is ready!

3- Wooden herb grinders

Wood grinders are easily available in the market at a very affordable price. These grinders don’t work well for getting fine particles. Thus the wooden grinders provide coarse herb shreds. Most people prefer them due to their health-related benefits.

4- Plastic Grinders

Acrylic/plastic is the most commonly used material in herb grinders. These are available at low rates in the market. You can select your suitable size and designs but they are less preferred if you want perfect grounded herbs.

Pieces of grinder

  •         2-piece

Herb grinders are available as the whole unit as well as in pieces. So the 2-piece grinders are more likely to have performed good functions and are more suitable for use. These grinders are small, compact and provide the product in the most acceptable form. The 2-piece grinders are easy to carry and place; thus, most people opt for them. These 2-piece sharp stone grinders grind your stickiest herb very well.

  •         4-piece

The 4-piece grinders are more capable in terms of functionality. Its standard size allows them to grind a good amount of herbs and store the remaining in its container. In addition, it comes up with the knife flee that contains sharp teeth to break the coarse particles.

Sharp stone grinder

The sharp stone herb grinder consists of a clear top and has all the characteristics that a smoker has wished for. The grinders are available in grey, black, silver diamond-shaped blades or teeth. It is capable of grinding about 25 grams of weed. So get the sharp stone grinder to perfectly grind the course particles in bulk quantity. You can use them later and can thus store them in the grinding container.

Hand crank grinder

These grinders are usually for manual use, and thus it requires much effort to put on them. Many stoners don’t find it cool to roll the handle, but it’s an exciting activity for some. So it’s a personal choice you can go for what you find more suitable for yourself.


So that’s all about herb grinders; on the whole, these grinders are a great innovation for all smokers. Thus it boils down to your own choice of which type of grinder you want. Hence choose the one that contains all the features you’ll need while grinding your weed or marijuana for vaping.

Therefore, select the small size, compact, and sharp teeth grinder and enjoy your flavor sesh. However, do let us know about your experience with it and ask questions, if any, in the comment section. I’ll be back soon with another fantastic review; till then, stay tuned!