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What is a glass bubbler?

So have you any idea about a glass bubbler and how it is exceptional from all other glass vaping pieces? For illustration, it is the deadly combination of a pipe (acrylic) and a bong. You must be suspicious why these bubblers are not glass bongs, right?

There is no specific reason for this but it is because these glass bubblers are unique and versatile. The bubbler contains an epic design with six tiny balls. The three balls are available at its stems while the other there at the bottom.

There is a hole at the top, where the bowl is placed and the bowl will have your favorite marijuana inside it. So in the bubbler carb is converted on the left corner. Thus it means that it is quite similar to the glass bong.

Qualities of glass bubblers

Twisty blunt bubbler flavor

It is a combination of high-quality components. Thus these glass bubblers will never disappoint you. The glass bubblers are made up of pure glass that never interrupts the taste of your vape. Hence are you ready to enjoy the perfect blend of flavorful twisty vape?

Elegant design and symmetry

So you must be wondering what if these smoke glass bubblers are aesthetic or have beautiful symmetry, right? You might be thinking about the above-mentioned statement but the truth is that the elegance of these glass bubblers makes them able to stand among the bunch of crowds. Thus that’s why these bubblers are very popular for funky smoke parties.

Diverse functionality

A glass bubbler is something more like a seahorse that provides multi-purpose with just one tool. So that’s the same with these glass bubblers that can be used for many ways of smoking. You can enjoy dry herbs as well as the waxy vapes with your bubbler.

Enough capacity

Most smokers are skeptical to buy small bongs because of their capacity to take in herbs. But thanks to these glass bubblers that are unique, epic, beautiful, multi-task tools, and above all it has the capacity of about a 1.0-gram pack. Thus twist the screw into the corner of the container and let the smoke out in the air!

Use of glass bubbler

Glass bubblers don’t vary much with the glass bongs in performance and usage. So, first of all, let me tell you some rules that after reading this, you should perfectly perform the same process to have more joyful vapes. Thus, let’s just begin!

To use this awesome glass bubbler, you need to put your finger on the carb. Thus after this light the bowl wicks from one end, now you’re ready to inhale with the mouthpiece. Uncover the carb and then inhale the remaining amount of smoke.

Thus you’ve noticed that the workings of both are similar. In addition to this, the bubbler is a safer and healthier option as compared to the pipes. No doubt, that any glass smoke piece with the option that gives filtration facility is apt for use.

How to maintain the glass bubbler?

As we all know that glass is a sensitive material and thus it demands care. But except for this, it is a far healthier option because it never accumulates germs on the surface. Thus, if you keep it clean and wash your glass smoke bubbler regularly, then it will never be blemished.

You don’t have to use the detox cleaner all the time but only when stains pile up on it. So be careful with the use because it is easily breakable. So hold it gently and be very careful while holding it from the neck.

Some extra tips to sustain glass bubbler

If you want to maintain your glass bubbler like the new, then keep it wrapped inside the towel or paper. Wrapping will avoid any abrasion and rubbing against any material. Thus this process will maintain your bong just like the new.


So that’s all about the glass bubblers that are today’s era’s recent innovation in the glass smoke piece industry. Thus, if you find them beneficial then, don’t be late to buy these cute fancy bubblers. So get them now and enjoy smoking!