15 pk Twisted Hemp Wrap California Dream 4 Leaf per pk
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15 pk Twisted Hemp Wrap California Dream 4 Leaf per pk



Flavor: California Dream Place of Origin: Dominican Republic Brand Name: Twiste Hemp Wraps Model Number: TWHWP Material: Homogenized Hemp Leafs Weight: 4 oz – 113 gr. Box Qty.: 4 leaves Master Case: 30 Boxes

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Twisted wraps come among the category of those smoke wraps that provide the best aftertaste of smoke. There are no other smoke wraps that provide the aftertaste flavor because all the other smoke wraps other than the twisted don’t have any natural ingredients in them. So, the twisted hemp wraps California dream is the most suitable flavored hemp roll with variety in its components.

Most of the smoke wrap manufacturers claim that these wraps have genuine components in them. But, the reality is that all the smoke wraps contain mostly synthetic ingredients with contagious smoke. While with twisted wraps you’ll get smoke from the hemp rich in CBD and other smoke ingredients with natural taste.

Many other smoke brands in the market come along hemp made with synthetic glucose. So, here you’ll get the hemp that is cultivated in the Netherlands or Canada. This hemp is specially imported from other countries to use in smoke rolls. Thus, there comes the type of flavors and hemp sheets that are coarse and grainy in their texture.

So, the best and foremost benefits of the twisted hemp wraps have are the unique compositions that make them stand vigorously among the various brands. Thus, if you’re searching for the most perfect category of smoke rolls with a variety of benefits then, the twisted wraps are excellent to opt for. There is no compulsion in terms of extra smoke and herb addition with the already present CBD present in them.

Immediate smoke shots

The twisted smoke is known for the brilliant quality smoke wraps with a wide variety in their herbs. There are weed, marijuana, cannabis, shatter buds and many other smoke-providing components that form a perfect mixture of smoke. Smokers need some kind of smoke hits and the products that are supreme in allowing the most havoc smoke hits with immediate provision. So, don’t delay further and buy the bundle of this happiness to enjoy the quick smoke shots.

Multi-colored smoke packs

So, here comes the multi-colored hemp packs, and these packs are made with good quality polythene sheets plus cardboard. Thus, use these multi-flavored smoke wraps with a variety of colors that make the supreme in their work. The great cause of attraction is the hemp with multi-colored sheets. Additionally, the packing in these wraps performs the best role in gaining consumer attraction.

Organic quality hemp with natural CBD

The twisted hemp wraps California dream has organic quality smoke wraps with natural CBD. So, the organic quality hemp full in CBD makes them great for provision in brilliant aroma and flavor of smoke. Thus, use this hemp that will be 100% organic without any synthetic component or growth stimulant. Use the best quality smoke hemp wraps with variety in their operational quality and smoke taste provision.

Not that much sweet

If you’re a mild sweet lover then, these hemp wraps from the twisted company will be perfect for you in all concerns. These hemp wraps are made with the California dream flavor and have a subtle blend of the mixture. So, use these smoke rolls and enjoy the equal and balanced blend of additional herbs and the present cannabis that allow the mild sweet vanilla flavor. Thus, use these amazing quality hemp wraps that will provide premium combustion.

Freaking perfect smoke flavor

The twisted hemp organic wraps are the source of freaking smoke flavors. These smoke flavors have the most unique and luxurious shots with a wide variety in the aroma. So, there is no restriction in the usage of the hemp rolls that are supreme in their aroma and flavors. Have you ever tried the tie-dye and the rainbow flavored hemp wrap shots? If not, then you’re at the right place where you can find the unique merge and composition.

Handmade without nicotine and tobacco

So, here comes the ideal hemp wraps without the usage of nicotine and tobacco. The surprising thing is that these wraps are not made with the help of machines. Thus, these hemp wraps are handmade following GMP processing. Enjoy the manually made smoke wraps with the best manufacturing practices. These hemp wraps are unique and are premium in providing havoc on quality smoke.

What is the shelf life of twisted hemp wraps?

The twisted hemp wraps are among the smoke wraps that are manufactured with moistened hemp. These are the dehydrated wrap and a certain amount of moisture is left in them so that they don’t get stale or dry. That’s why these smoke wraps remain fresh and provide the smoke category with the provision of supreme quality hemp.

You’ll neither feel them too moisten nor too dry but a subtle flavor will be gained that lasts for long. Additionally, you can use these wraps for several months after opening the pack. So, enjoy these healthy smoke rolls with the great smoke shots that will make your day.

Why should you utilize twisted wraps? 

Twisted hemp wraps California dream is the most liked smoke rolls with 100% authentic hemp sheets. The hemp sheets are wide enough to accommodate great quality and quantity of herbs. So, use these hemp wraps and enjoy the biggest shot, which could be possible with the hemp wraps and having the additional herbs in them.


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