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BOX ZEN Pipe Cleaners Hard Bristle – 2112 Count

BOX ZEN Pipe Cleaners Hard Bristle – 2112 Count


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Quick & to the point. 1 FULL BOX OF 48 BUNDLES of ZEN pipe cleaners hard bristle, there are 44 in each bundle, giving you A TOTAL OF 2112 INDIVIDUAL PIPE CLEANERS!!!! Each pipe cleaner measures approximately 6 inches long, making cleaning even easier.ZEN the name you know & can trust for all your cleaning needs & 420 help!!These are the ideal length for many PRE-SCHOOL, KINDERGARTEN, ELEMENTARY & JR. AND HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS, AS WELL AS SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES for arts & crafts projects! Even those of you who repair old antique tube radios, T.V.’s, & even the more complex Ham Radios / Receivers (ESPECIALLY FROM 1918-1965) such as Philco, RCA, Admiral, Hallicrafters, Sears, Brewster, Crosley, Firestone, plus hundreds more!!HERE IS A RECENT BUYERS TESTIMONY; Stu and Trish,I purchased these pipe cleaners because I use them to clean the sockets of very old tube type radios. There is an entire community of old radio repair guys and collectors who are faced with not finding pipe cleaners at the neighborhood drug store. Not only that but most of these guys (I do not) smoke pipes.


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