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Lookah Seahorse Pro Nectar Collector (Dual Use)

Lookah Seahorse Pro Nectar Collector (Dual Use)



  • Pro-Style
  • New Nectar Collector Design
  • 510 Thread for Cartridges or Direct Inhale
  • 650mAh Battery
  • Super Easy to Clean
  • Comes with Quartz Coil
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What is the lookah seahorse pro nectar collector?

Have you ever heard of a dab pen with which you can vape from the mouthpiece end and the cartridge as well? If not then congratulations! Lookah seahorse pro nectar collector has arrived. It is awarded as the best nectar collector title of 2021 because of its incredible design and work.
It is quite ahead of the curve and has vast usage. It is provided with a quartz coil to make you able to get a better taste. In addition to this, it provides about 510 oily cartridges and thus helps you in dabbing waxes. Isn’t it amazing, right? That you can dab dry herbs as well as oily cartridges from one device only!

Seahorse pro-two-in one version

As I mentioned above the lookah seahorse pro nectar collector is the great revolution in seahorse manufacturing.

So be ready to enjoy dabbing both with the mouthpiece and cartridge end. Are you excited to experience more powerful and flavorful quartz coils instead of ceramic ones? If yes, then a good lookah pro is here to make your experience worthwhile.
The unicorn pro dab pen is truly designed with great creativity. It is highly portable and is an electronic device. It comes with a 650mAh battery that is epic for long-term sessions. Thus you don’t need to wait for charging anymore.
Additionally, it comes with a USB cable for its rechargeable battery. So what else can you desire? Want to experience an adventurous vape experience then grab this pro version from lookah!
So we know that some smokers like to dab dry herbs but some are addicted to the waxes. On the other hand, there’s a crowd of those who want to have both, but they find it hard to maintain dual devices for this purpose.
Thus for those lookah seahorse pro nectar collectors have evolved. Yes, you’ve read it right; this pro version allows both dry and oily dabs. It means that with just one device you can perform multiple functions.
You can get your concentrates directly from the 510 oily cartridges jar. It has two operational modes
1- Exclusive mode
2- Manual mode
In the exclusive mode, enjoy the long dabbing for 30 seconds while in the manual mode you’ll get 20 seconds for vape.
The method of switching them on is very simple and easy. Hence you just need to click the button 3-5 times respectively. Thus after this, you need to set the temperature and there you go!

How can I use the 510 waxy cartridges with a lookah seahorse pro nectar collector?

So guys you should know that you can get versatile modularity with this lookah seahorse pro. Thus you should know about its usage as well. Therefore, have a look at the method:
• So firstly keep in mind that the tip of the cartridge is not all hot
• Thus detach the tip and fix the 510 cartridges
• Now turn on the device and inhale through the mouthpiece
• After some seconds you’ll be able to enjoy the vapors!

Accessories kit

So continue to the great diversity of lookah pro that provides a plethora of advantages with the tool kit as well. A good quality product is enriched with the accessory kit and thus facilitates their customers.
Therefore this pro version lookah seahorse nectar collector has the glass tubes, atomizer, charger, USB cable, and much more in the accessory kit. This tool kit helps you out in undesirable situations as well as it also facilitates your smoking experience.
Is lookah nectar collector worth buying?
It would be hard to say that it is not worth it for use. It is brilliant for smoke as it provides dry and oily hits. But still, it’s a matter of personal choices and preferences. I can just recommend you to try it because of its versatile working and performance. I hope that you’ll surely like it.
If you want better taste and performance then, stick to lookah seahorse pro nectar collector. You’ll enjoy multiple features and operations with this single piece of device. It is not at all costly and is highly affordable. So you can enjoy waxy dabs as well as dry ones.
So do buy it now and let us know about your experience. Follow us for further details, and ask if you’ve any further queries about this.

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