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Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen won the 2019 Best Design Awards, it uses a quartz coil, not a ceramic coil, so it can give you the purest taste. The Lookah seahorse is not only a wax pen, but also fits all 510 cartridges so you can smoke oil such as e-juice through it as well, it has a 1.2 Ω resistance.

This innovative dab pen is a portable and easy way to enjoy vaping dabs or oil on the go.

1) Battery: 650mah
2) Fast heating up
3) Compatible with all 510 cartridges
4) Portable and compatible with bongs
5) 1 Device, Multiple uses.
6) 1.2 Ω resistance

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Lookah has provided its customers with all sorts of smoke products and devices facilities. They are well-managed in all terms whether it’s dry herb or waxes. Thus, it means that they have solutions for all your problems.

Lookah seahorse wax dab pen is another surprising intervention by lookah that provides users great support for inhaling wax vapors. So, if you’re looking for a reliable product that can provide you unlimited vapors with smooth flavors then lookah is here to serve you.

So, are you in search of a product that can provide you with a blast of smoke vapors? Do you find it hard to get a durable product that can provide you with multiple smoke options? If yes, then no need to worry at all because lookah seahorse pro has launched its updated version.

Evolutionary lookah seahorse pro wax dab pen

The evolutionary lookah wax dab pen version is the robust tool that has the enormous capability of providing smashing vapes. So, if you’re looking for something potent and potentially claimed then, lookah brand is the one. Thus, never rely on the low and get on to the best version by lookah which has unlimited features for you.

Superior concentrate Flow

Lookah seahorse wax dab pen is the supreme version of seahorse pro, that is capable of providing wax and dry herb vapors. So, if you’re thinking of getting a wax dab device separately then, leave this thought. This seahorse has dual purposes that support all your needs.

Supreme quality porous quartz tips

So, if you’re a regular smoker then, you must know about the use of quartz and ceramic tips. These both are the heating tips that are used for providing smoke vapes. The source of heat for both these coils is the battery. Thus, the lookah wax dab pen supports quartz tips that offer flavorful vapors.

So, the good thing about these coils being porous is that they absorb the heat and concentrate accurately. Thus, the great absorption or you can say conductivity provides super-duper hits. Hence, what are you waiting for? If you want a chilled smoke session then, stick to the lookah wax dab pen.

Fit into 510 cartridges

Lookah seahorse wax dab pen offers the vaping of 510 oil cartridges. Oil vaping is not possible with the seahorse pro. Thus, the lookah has made it easy for you and this dab pen allows the vaping of 510 oil cartridges. Hence, you can enjoy fixing these oil cartridges without any difficulty and thus, enjoy the flavorful smoke vapes.

Switch to various vaping modes

There are various modes available for this seahorse pro. The lookah seahorse pro is the device that allows vaping in manual and exclusive mode. Thus, the manual mode is the one that allows less dabbing time. Contrary to this, the exclusive mode is good for long-session vaping. Hence, try it out and enjoy the perfect combination of a vaporized sesh.

Lookah seahorse wax dab accessory kit

Lookah seahorse is compatible with various devices and for vaping many herbs. The lookah seahorse wax dab pen offers the kit that facilitates the dabbing:

  •         Lookah seahorse pro
  •         Adaptor tip
  •         Connecting hose
  •         Battery with the USB cable
  •         Cleaning brush
  •         Instructional manual

So, the pro device is compatible with dabbing various wax and herbs. Thus, the lookah seahorse dab pen has adapter tips that get connected with the hose. Therefore, the link of the hose with the bong helps you in dabbing the unlimited concentrate.

There is an instructional manual as well that guides users about proper vaping of smoke. Additionally, there is a cleaning brush available that maintains the seahorse pro. The cleaning is done with the solvent or some other cleaning agents.

How to vape waxes with the lookah seahorse wax dab pen device?

Lookah seahorse is the device that is best for providing unlimited wax vapors. So, first of all, grind your dry herb or whether you want to vape the wax. Thus, adjust the temperature according to your suitability.

Hence, inhale the waxes with the mouthpiece and enjoy the vapors. There is this transparent bong that will let you see the vapors coming towards you. Thus, enjoy the vapes and chill out with your friends.

The bottom line

So, that’s about lookah seahorse wax dab pen and it is the most efficient wax dabbing device. This dab pen is compatible with various remarkable features that facilitate supreme-level smoke vapes.

Additionally, there is an accessory kit that comes along with this wax dab device. Thus, try it now and enjoy the perfect combination of flavors and taste. After using it, don’t forget to review it! Thank you!








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