Apex Mini
Yocan Apex Mini Vaporizer

Yocan Apex Mini Vaporizer



  • 380mAh Battery Capacity
  • Variable Voltage Settings
  • Quartz Dual Coil
  • Newly Designed Coil Cap
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What is a Yocan apex mini vaporizer?

Unlike all other dabbing devices, the Yocan apex mini vaporizers are smart and compact. Thus, the Yocan can provide waxy vapes along with other dry herbs. So, this wax vaporizer has dual quartz coils. Quartz coils are known well for providing the most flavorful smoke dabs. Hence, the vaporizer offers variable temperature with a preheat setting to allow premium vapes.

How to prepare the Yocan vaporizer?

So, the first thing that you should keep in mind is to charge the battery at full. The battery will help you in vaping long dabs with greater concentrates. Thus, after they get completely charged then, press the power button five times.

You should know that by pressing the button five times, you’ll enter the exclusive mode. Thus, with this mode, you can enjoy long sessions. So, get the maximum amount of smoke in your mouth and let it be there for a few seconds.

What is the process of loading Yocan?

The process to load or vape from the Yocan apex mini vaporizer is very easy. Thus, for the great smoke experience, prepare your wax first. So, after this, you need to decide first whether you’ll go for a dry or waxy vape.

Now load the vaping material onto the atomizer. You’ll need to detach the battery from the mouthpiece. But, do this task very carefully without dropping the mouthpiece. Similarly, remove the cap or coil and detach from the bong.

So, after this with great care take a good amount of concentration in a scooping tool. Thus, put a good amount of concentrate on the quartz coil. Now, again put the quartz coil in its place and tighten it forcefully.

In the same way, tighten the mouthpiece and move in a clockwise manner. So, your vaporizer is ready to vape. Thus, switch on the button five times and set your desired temperature. Inhale slowly and enjoy the supreme hit.

How to handle the Yocan variable voltage?

The temperature settings are very sensitive to handling in Yocan apex vaporizers. So, keep in mind that the battery is fully charged and switched on. Thus, you need to press the button at least three times. As I mentioned previously, it has variable voltages of about 3.4, 3.8, and 4.2V.

Hence, it’s setting for temperature is following:

Low voltage – 3.4

Medium voltage – 3.8

High voltage – 4.2

Thus, the Yocan vaporizers allow its temperature or heat in the waveform. So, this means that its voltage keeps on changing all the time without any alteration. Now you’ll be able to vape the waxy concentrate with a desirable temperature range. Therefore, your atomizer will start functioning fastly according to the demands.

How to clean and maintain Yocan apex vaporizer?

The maintenance of the Yocan mini vaporizer is very easy and simple. Thus, the robust and complex design of this potent vaporizer demands some care. So, while cleaning keep in mind the few steps and then, dab the respective concentrate.

If your vaporizer is not precisely cleaned then, you’ll not be able to dab pure sesh. So, keep in mind the few steps to properly clean the device:

First and foremost, remove all types of dirt from the battery. So, Use some towel or paper for cleaning the dirt from the battery. Thus, now start detaching the parts of the Yocan vaporizer. Don’t use any kind of chemical or solvent for cleaning purposes. Additionally, charge with proper instructions.

The kit includes:

  •         Yocan apex mini vaporizer
  •         Dual quartz coil
  •         Dabbing mouthpiece
  •         USB wire for recharging
  •         Instructional manual

So, take the vaporizer and assemble it properly. The process of assembling will get done by taking notes from the instructional manual. After this, try to take a good amount of wax concentrate from the bowel. You have to prepare your waxy concentrate first.

Hence, there will be a chance that you get a burnt-flavored dab with the device. So, make sure to set the desired temperature accurately. This will help you out in getting the maximum amount of flavorful vapors. Keep on charging your battery after each dab.


So, this was all about the Yocan apex mini vaporizer. It has multiple functions and uses. With its robust design and potent performance, this device fits in all ranges. Therefore, it is the first preference of every smoker.

The Yocan manufacturers offer many accessories in the tool kit that come along with the device. Thus, this kit helps you a lot in getting your perfect hit. So, what are you waiting for when such a great opportunity is knocking at your door? Smoke ash is giving you great discounts and deals on various packs. So, rush now and grab your favorite Yocan vaporizer with stylish crafts.


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