Yocan Armor Plus Vaporizer

Yocan Armor Plus Vaporizer



  • Improved 650mAh Battery Capacity
  • Quartz Dual Coil
  • Quartz Tri Coil
  • Variable Voltage Battery
  • Micro USB Charging Technology
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Are you guys waiting for some potential smoke device that can allow you to smoke the most brilliant shot with some distinctive taste? If it is so, then, take a beat-up because Yocan armor plus vaporizer has come to save your day. Yocan is the first company that has loaded such bulky and functional features into every model.

So, don’t make you suffer and always choose the best for taking in the most flexible device to dab on. There are many points and precautions that you should take while buying the bulkiest smoke-dabbing vaporizers. Thus, this guide is especially for newbie smokers who want to initiate something powerful.

Why you should choose Yocan armor plus?

There are the specifications and the best smoke performance that these Yocan armor plus vaporizers provide to smokers. So, there comes several things in the way while taking the journey into account with the Yocan armor plus. Thus, let’s just get started from the basic things:

Sustainable market position

This is the most crucial point that makes the Yocan armor stand above the whole crowd. These vaporizers have good sustainability in the market. Additionally, the armor plus vaporizers are good to go with the trends and downfall in the prices. So, whenever you buy a smoke tool, you should check its sustainability rate in the market along with its average sale and Yocan is perfect in this regard.

The enhanced command for hassle-free shots

Yocan armor plus dab pen has appeared with the revolutionized changes. This smoke dab pen contains multiple task capacities and has landed with supremacy in the ground. So, this plus version has evolved features with a high-performance rate. Additionally, you can enjoy the high command and power of this dab pen as it has launched with a 650mAh battery for source.

Improvised quartz coils

There are two types of coils, one is ceramic and the other one is quartz coil. So, the vaporizers usually come with both and these are good in function. But, the thing is, quartz coils are far more flexible and have good stamina for the provision of flavored dab shots. Additionally, the quartz coils come with a triple and double coat, which makes them more functional and beneficial.

So, if you want to enjoy the perfect shape of smoke with the phenomenal smoke clouds then, the Yocan armor plus vaporizer is the best one. Additionally, this vaporizer has tripled and double quartz coil coated with damaged-proof material. What else you can ask for when you’ve such a versatile tool to smoke.

Best compatibility for waxy shots

The Yocan vaporizers have brilliant compatibility for threaded smoke shots. These vaporizers are capable of offering waxy dabs and premium herb shots. So, if you want to taste wax and herbs at the alternative shots then, Yocan can help you out. Therefore, you don’t have to buy a single separate unit for these purposes.

Mini efficient smoke tool

Yocan armor plus smoke dab pen is the most promising and the highly featured smoke vaping device, which has come in a small size. This small-sized smoke pen is efficient enough to support 24 hours long smoke sessions. Additionally, this vaporizer has the portable quality of allowing on-the-go shots. Thus, don’t be doubtful while using this because it has everything you need to dab an amazing tasteful shot.

Non-hazardous dabbing device

Yocan always provides its customers with healthy and user-friendly smoke products. Their products don’t contain any toxic components or defective parts. So, you will get to explore a wide range of functions and specifications without being caught in any trouble. Additionally, these smoke dabbing devices are good for all ages because they are very easy to handle and use.

Provide best cannabis and cartridge shot

There are many smoke accessories available in the smoke markets, these are good to go for the dry herbs and the waxy dabs separately. So, have you ever seen the smoke tool that can provide both shots at one time with the same tool? if not, then, let’s have a look at this prestigious Yocan armor plus vaporizer. You’ll enjoy every hit with the blast of taste and aroma in your mouth that sustain for long after dabbing.

Is the Yocan vaporizer a trusted source for smoke dabbing?

Yes, of course, quoted above that, the Yocan vaporizers from the armor series are harmless. These tools are made with good manufacturing practices and have a good score when it comes to providing the best shot.

So, you can trust them without being panicked and disturbed, these vaporizers are good for their ability to sustain for long-term use. Additionally, you can check the reliability and the battery power that will satisfy you more in this regard.

In short, it is the most suitable device to dab your favorite herb or wax sesh without being caught by the burnt flavor or spits back. Thus, don’t trust any other source because this is the only authentic and suitable source with which you can satisfy your smoke carvings. Check these Yocan armor plus vaporizer and give us your feedback.

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Black, Green, Red, Rose Gold, Royal Blue, Sliver


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